Le Comptoir des Galeries

You enter directly through the King’s Gallery. In lieu of the old Hart workshops, supplier of the King’s House, author of the Belgian Constitution Medal and a portfolio of 175 years of medals, ribbons and luxury stationery – the Comptoir des Galeries opens up to a large 45-seat restaurant, articulated within several rooms and two levels, around a private patio. The open kitchen is an invitation anticipate what will happen under the taste buds.

The Chef

The young chef Loïck Tonnoir has spent most of his life in the kitchen, following family footsteps in the passion for this profession that has been passed down for three generations. Originally from Brussels, it is in France that he does his apprenticeship, at a hotel school near Hyères. After successfully obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he went on to study pastry for another two years alongside a great Monegasque chef. At the age of 20, after completing his training, he decided to return to live in Brussels and joined the prestigious chocalatier Pierre Marcolini, where he worked for four years.

With this solid experience in the shop, Loïck Tonnoir chose to go back to restaurants and joined the Michelin-starred restaurant Villa Lorraine, where his father had already worked. Very quickly, he drops the pastry and returns to savory. Then he changes his style by integrating the creative cuisine of the Bouchery restaurant. Here everything is homemade and picking herbs in the early morning and Loïck discovers a new way of highlighting each product by cooking and seasoning respectfully. After three years at this restaurant, he spent time at Couvert Couvert in Flanders before joining the Comptoir des Galeries in 2017, where he became Head-Chef in 2018.

Seduced by this place he patroned regularly since opening, Loïck Tonnoir is eager to bring out the freshness and fineness of vegetables. Certainly, the Brussels classics are served here: shrimp croquettes, stewed beef cheeks, waffles,…, but all revisited with a touch of modernity and impertinent creativity. Adapting the menu to the seasons and the arrival of products on the stalls, in the spring Loïck suggests his “Mechelen white asparagus with grilled pears, accompanied by old pecorino and Bacon Colonata”. A delight already acclaimed last year by the regulars.


Open from Tuesday to Friday, Saturday for dinner only
From 12-noon to 2:30pm and from 7pm to 10pm

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